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For a chilling read, I have the book for you.

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I love horror books.  Zombies, vampires, especially ghosts.  There is a look in people’s eye when you tell them that.  If I could see through the monitor, not to say that I can’t but just say I could, readers of this post will have the same look on their face.  The look will reflect concern, an appalled hint and will actually totally tell the story of, “what is wrong with her?”

If your face is not doing that, let me recommend that you turn the thermostat up to 80 and then open up the book, Blood Harvest by C. J. Boulton.  You will never miss the air conditioning because it sets up a chill that refuses to go away.  It is a very scary mystery involving a small town in England where two churches stand against the sky, closed to the purposes that they were built.  There is a druidic influence, voices and appearances in the church cemetery and a new priest who has no idea what he is getting into. 

Three children live with their family- mom is American in a new home built strategically close to both churches and, of course, the cemetery.  The time is fall and the town has its own odd customs for the harvest season. 

Open, read it, and I bet you will be a great deal cooler and you won’t sleep.


Julie Hart

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